Call for exceptional startups for Asia- Dateline 5 September 2020

Community-driven Investment & Acceleration for Impact Makers

Are you a team that is creating a change? Impact Collective accepts early-stage startups who have working prototypes or products.

They invite startups who are solving global challenges ranging from food security and sustainable livelihoods to dynamic workforce, circular economy, sustainable cities, and environmental innovations.

Impact Collective is a community-driven acceleration program for startups focusing on opportunities in Asia. They invest in, support, and connect startups that are solving global challenges to accelerate the positive impact in the world.

With program partners in 4 different cities in Asia and the Pacific, they support their startups’ cross-border market exploration that builds meaningful relationships and international connections across the region’s innovation ecosystem

Focus Themes

  • Inclusive health and quality of life
  • Circular economy and the future of waste management
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food
  • Green Energy and the Environment
  • Digitalization for equal opportunities for all
  • Future of Work and Economic Growth


With expert mentoring and community influence, the community curate startups to receive investments during and after the program, through the Impact Collective Fund and a network of partner investors.

  • Fast Track Investments:
    • 10-15 startups
    • $25K~$100K per team
  • Program Investments:
    • 5-10 startups
    • $50K~$500K per team

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